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Our Story

J.P. Chip-n-Dip Salsa is an all natural product formulated with health and wellness in mind.  Apart from being a traditional tomato based salsa, J.P.’s Chip-n-Dip Salsa was created to produce a healthy all natural salsa that include a balance of Good Health with a Great Taste…  The recipe included an Herbalist and Honey maker who added their expertise to the “All So Good Taste of J.P.’s Chip-n-Dip Salsa made with Blueberries, Peaches, and Honey w/Habanera”!!!

Why this mix?

In addition to its great taste, J.P. Chip-n-Dip Salsa provides anti-oxidants which promote good heart health (Blueberries), potassium and fiber to promote good heart , rhythm and digestion (Peaches), and vitamin rich natural sweetening (Honey), with Spices---


“A wonderful blend of sweet and heat that your taste buds will crave.”

Who likes J.P.'s Chip-n-Dip Salsa?

That’s right, 9 out-of 10 people surveyed say, “this is the best salsa they’ve ever tasted,” and ask, “where can I get some of that.”



How is J.P.'s Salsa unlike any other that you've ever tasted?

Chocked full of ripe “anti-oxidant blueberries”, fresh “fiber rich peaches and apples,” a secret blend of spices and just a “touch of honey.” Not to overlook those vine ripe tomatoes, full of “lycopene.” One taste and you’ll agree that this salsa packs a “full flavored punch” like no other. By the way, this stuff is so chunky, you can eat it with a fork (chips optional).

All natural ingredients, fresh taste and good for you… come and sample the future of salsa!


**Less than 10 calories per serving and 160 calories per 16oz jar of Salsa!**

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