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J.P. Chip-n-Dip Salsa is an all natural product formulated with health and wellness in mind.  Apart from being a traditional tomato based salsa, J.P. Chip-n-Dip Salsa combines blueberries, peaches, and honey w/Habanera as well as a precise blend of special spices to achieve a healthier version of an American staple.


Why this mix?


In addition to its great taste, J.P. Chip-n-Dip Salsa provides anti-oxidants which promote good heart health (Blueberries), potassium and fiber to promote good heart , rhythm and digestion (Peaches), and vitamin rich natural sweetening (Honey), Now you know…


THE FUNDRAISER PROCESS                                          


1.)  Identify the number of fund awareness participants and supply each of them with a customer order form.

2.)  Complete the customer order form in its entirety including the size of the order (i.e., 1 jar or 1 case).  Note: each 16 oz, jar costs $6.00.

3.)  Your organization receives  30% of the revenue generated from the funds collected.


Achieve Your Goal…


  • Promote Let's Move Salad Bars to School movement with J.P.'s Salsa.

  • Set your money goal amount and raise the funds selling J.P.'s Salsa.

  • Be apart of # 1 New Fund Raising Idea of 2018 selling J.P.'s Salsa Fiesta Stem Taste Test Kits...





J.P. Chip-n-Dip Salsa partners with non-profit/501C3 organization, schools, and corporations to raise money for a worthy cause.  


                                 For Information, please contact 614-439-5754

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